How to Contribute

The Kellogg Blog is intended to provide insight into the intellectual activities and the expertise of fellows, students, staff and friends of Kellogg College. In particular, the Kellogg Blog is a forum for expressing opinions, ideas and experiences relating to:

  1. Life at Kellogg – in order to give prospective applicants and colleagues and, the wider academic community a more rounded appreciation of life in College
  2. Kellogg as an intellectual and research community – in order to share insights and opinions, enhance debate and provide a forum for discussion of important questions for researchers, academics and students across the breadth of academic disciplines that Kellogg represents.

We encourage Kellogg fellows, students, friends and alumni to use the blog to express their ideas and communicate with the wider world. As more contributions are made, we hope the Kellogg Blog will be a useful resource of information and ideas, alive with fresh insights and thoughtful reflections!

How do I contribute?

We welcome original contributions or reproduced articles (with permission of the original publisher secured by the Blogger) from any members of the Kellogg College community.
All you have to do is email your text to and the Communications Officer will publish the Blog, usually within 24 hours of your submission. If you would like to blog regularly, please contact the Communications Officer at

Terms and conditions

All Blog contributions are an individual’s own and are not necessarily representative of the views of Kellogg College or the University of Oxford. Persons submitting material to the blog are solely responsible for the material and for any claims relating to its content. However, the College may choose to advertise, promote or otherwise reference Blogs in the College’s marketing and publicity activities, with due credit given to the Blog author.
All original content on this Blog is subject to the University of Oxford’s terms and conditions for ownership, liability and use. (
Articles that are reproduced from elsewhere may be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective source sites.

Code of Conduct for Contributors

Blog posts are not usually moderated for content, and all contributors are expected to adhere to our code of conduct.
While many blogs express opinions and aim to encourage open and frank discussion, all contributions, whether as blog or comment, should be made with respect, honesty and integrity. In particular, contributors should pay attention to these three guiding principles:

  1. Always treat your colleagues with integrity and respect
  2. If in doubt of any potential conflict of interest, declare it
  3. If in doubt, cite it: always avoid plagiarism

Any content that is deemed not to follow the Kellogg Blog Code of Conduct may be edited or removed by the Communications Officer.


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